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July 8 – Election Commission

Special Meeting Minutes
Election Commission
1491 Owasippe Rd., Twin Lake, MI 49457

Date: JULY 8,2019

Call to order: 1430
Roll call: Debbie Therrian
Melonie Arbogast
Jeff Abram

Motion by Debbie Therrian support by Melonie Arbogast to approve the following election inspectors to work the election scheduled for August 6, 2019. Yes 3 No 0
Motion carried.

Barb Cassidy (chairperson)
Laura Pycraft (alternate chairperson)
Linda Prus
Sandy Wilson
Jacki Lownds
Marion Knash (alternate)

Receiving Board:
Linda Prus, Jacki Lownds

Meeting adjourned: 1432

Election Commission:
Debbie Therrian
Melonie Arbogast
Jeff Abram

Jeffery T. Abram, Clerk

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