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Oct 16 – Planning Commission Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Blue Lake Township Hall
1491 Owasippe Road
Twin Lake, MI, 49457
October 16, 2019

The Planning Commission Meeting started at 7:02 PM

Present were: Barb Veldman, Mike Sikkenga, Lyle Monette, Jim Cordray, Mark Slater
Absent: None
Public Hearing: Opened by Jim Cordray at 7:04 PM
Public Comments: Concern regarding specific fence material in an agricultural use area. Concern regarding signs for agricultural use.

Melonie Arbogast submitted several written concerns. One was regarding recreation vehicles and their allowed time of use. Concern regarding a special use permit requirement for a kennel. Concern regarding 1200 square footage requirement for the R3 district. Concern regarding allowance of Sanitary Landfills in the FR districts. Concern regarding allowance of Junk/Salvage yards in the FR districts. Concern regarding the 200 acres requirement for PUDs. Some minor spelling errors and header errors were identified as well.

Close Public Hearing: Barb made a motion to close, Lyle seconded the motion. The meeting was closed unanimously.

Resume planning commission meeting: 7:30 PM

Minutes: Barb made a motion to approve the minutes dated September 18, 2019 and Mark seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Member Reports: Barb submitted her resignation from the Planning Commission effective at the next regular scheduled Board Meeting which is scheduled for 6:30 PM November 12, 2019.

Task of the Meeting: Review public comments and written public comments regarding the Blue Lake Township proposed ordinance and map.

Removal of 380-15. Illegal Dwellings. B. The planning commission agreed to removal the part B. of 380-15.

The planning commission agreed to changing the language of 380-39. Kennels.

A special use permit is required to operate a kennel in any structure or Lot on which 4 or more dogs over 6 months of age are kept or raised for compensation.

Discussion took place regarding the 1200 square footage requirement in the R3 district and the commission agreed to keep the 1200 square footage requirement.

Discussion took place regarding the removal of 380-86. Principal Uses permitted D. and J. The commission agreed that the removal of sanitary landfills and Junk/Salvage yards for the FR districts would be in alignment with the master plan and should be removed from the proposed ordinance.

Extensive discussion took place regarding the acreage requirement for PUDs. A motion was put forth by Barb to keep the PUD acreage requirement at 200 acres. No one seconded the motion. Mike put forth a motion to change 380-120. Type of PUDs A. to read “The total Contiguous minimum acreage that shall be required for a PUD in the Township is 160 acres.” Lyle seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Barb put forth a motion to require a minimum of 2.5 acres for each lot in a PUD, Lyle seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

It was noted a spelling error on 380-165. E. (3) the word “cast” should be “case”

It was noted on 380-47. Establishment of Districts. That the district “FR-R3” should read “R3”.

The commission agreed to include composite and plastic in 380-23 Fences. A. (7) as material allowable for use.

Jim will contact the township attorney regarding suggested language for signs in a residential district.

Next Meeting: A special meeting will be October 28th at 7:00PM

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

Michael Sikkenga, Secretary

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